Yarn Wreath with Felt Flowers Tutorial

There are so many gorgeous ideas floating around Pinterest for Christmas wreaths…too many to take in. Some of them look so intricate that they make my head spin! I like simple, and my wonderful mom came to the rescue recently, with a mother-daughter Crafternoon. (Yes, I just made up that word.) It was her idea altogether, and I couldn’t have been more excited. It ended up being one of my favorite things we have ever done together. I contributed a delicious chocolatey cheesecake, and she brought the supplies to start our wreaths. (I’m not gonna lie…the cheesecake was bought.) ;)

What I LOVE most about this wreath is that you can easily make the embellishments re-positionable, and change them out to use the wreath at any time of year!

It took quite a while to wrap them in the yarn, so we decided to stop there and add embellishments another time. It was super easy though! The yarn-wrapping part is definitely something that can be done while chatting with a friend or watching TV!

Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath Tutorial - Customize for any season | Sticky Floors, Happy Kids

Then, a few days ago, I decided it was time to get something pretty on the wreath so I could actually put it up! I found lots of felt flower tutorials, pulled up my favorite looks, and got to work making several in red and white. I think just those two simple colors, together with the gray yarn, make a nice color scheme.

Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath Tutorial - Customize for any season | Sticky Floors, Happy Kids

I played around with the placement of the flowers for a while. Then I finally landed on the layout that I liked best. Here’s what the final product looks like on the door! I love it so much!

Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath Tutorial - Customize for any season | Sticky Floors, Happy Kids

If you’d like to make one too, there’ s no time like the present! Even if you already have a wreath on your door, this can easily be adjusted for indoor use, or made and saved for the next season.

I admit, this post is purely for the enjoyment of us mommas. Nothing in here for the kiddos. Although, I don’t know about you but I am always rejuvenated after a fun project like this. And when I feel good, I’m a better mom. So, in a roundabout way this IS helping us enjoy our kids more, right? ;)

Below you will find my Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath Tutorial. Have fun crafting! I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite things to do “just for fun”, that rejuvenate you as a woman. Leave a comment!

Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath Tutorial - Customize for any season | Sticky Floors, Happy KidsThere are countless tutorials out there on yarn wreaths, such as this one, where my mom first got the idea. This is just mine, based on what I learned through the process, some research, and my desire to keep it simple. :)


What You Need:

Wreath (We used straw wreaths, and left them in the plastic. Foam works too.)

Yarn (I used a very thick charcoal colored yarn, and I like the cozy look it gives.)

Felt in the colors you want your flowers to be

Green felt for leaves, if desired

Hot Glue Gun


Optional: Any other embellishments (I stuck with felt alone because it’s what I had on hand, but I’ve seen others use berries, fake flowers or leaves, and pearls or rhinestones.

1. Using hot glue, attach the end of the yarn to your wreath.

2. Holding the entire ball of yarn in your hand, start wrapping it around the wreath. It helps if you keep the string as tight as possible, and unwrap just a little at a time.

3. Once the wreath is fully covered, make a knot to secure the end of the yarn.

 4. Check out some great felt flower tutorials, like the ones featured on How Joyful, or just look up “felt flower tutorial” on Pinterest. Make them and arrange them on your wreath, along with any other embellishments you chose.

5. Hot glue the flowers onto your alligator clips and clip onto wreath, or hot glue everything directly onto wreath.

(A little secret: I didn’t have alligator clips but wanted to make mine somewhat conducive to changing and using for a different season. So I hot glued the flowers and leaves to a large piece of dark gray felt, cutting it afterwards so none of the felt would show. This way, I only needed a few dabs of glue on the large gray felt, that will *hopefully* come off easily in January when I’m ready to switch them out. I am big on using what I have on hand. I get inspired and want to get the project done right away. I don’t like to have to go out and buy something if I can just improvise. Plus, often times, I don’t really want to spend the extra money on something that isn’t a true necessity.) 



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